Trip Itinerary Planner/Scheduler Database Web App for CS4400 class
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Travel Planner Python App

CS 4400 - Intro to Database Systems Project Members

  • Siddarth Senthilkumar
  • Varun Ballari
  • Siddhi Shah
  • Vooha Vellanki
  • Soham

To run application:

  1. Click "Clone and Download" on the top right corner of the page (green button).
  2. Open up terminal and change directory (cd) until your current working directory is the directory containg "".
  3. Type python and hit enter.
  4. Open up any web browser on the same machine and go to the address localhost:5000.


For now, you can simply browse around the home page and login page. You can enter your credentials or register on the login page, and the python script will simply spit them back to you (and the password will be hashed).

Coming soon will be database functionality in the Flask app.