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@VarunDevAccount sends inspirational messages and images to accounts who are kind or are feeling sad.
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Twitter Bot

Bot on Twitter that tweets out messages of love and kindness.

@VarunDevAccount sends inspirational messages and images to twitter users and other accounts who express kindness to others or are feeling sad to help them feel better.

  • Python
  • Tweepy

Download and Run

  1. First you need to get Twitter API Key and put them in as values for CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, ACCESS_TOKEN, & ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET.
  2. Run python in terminal.

Details on Features

It is built using Tweepy, a python framework that connects with Twitter's API's. It searches through tweets for key words and tweets to those users. It is hosted on Heroku and runs everyday.

Project built at a Thinkful workshop.

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