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SURLS: Simple URL Shortener
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SURLS: Simple URL Shortener

SURLS is a simple URL shortener written in PHP based on Apache RewriteRule Directive

Key Features

  • Single file based and portable
  • Don't need any additional configuration with majority of Apache installation


Apache with mod_rewrite enabled.


  • Copy surls.php and .htaccess into your website home directory.
  • Open surls.php with a text editor and change the default username/password
  • Visit to use it


I want to try it before installing

What is the URL of aliases created by it?

They can be accessed either of these ways:


Instead of a simple redirect, I want to execute a custom function and optionally redirect

  • Create surls_functions.php in the same directory which contains surls.php
  • Add your function into it
  • Make sure to create a dummy alias with the same name that you want to be processed by the function
  • You can also download surls_functions.php for a template.

I want some basic tracking too!

  • Create a aliases for your favorite URL
  • Make SURLS alias points to link instead of the original URL

The redirect flow will be like -> ->

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