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  • Monitor system is running.
  • bs package in installed
  • Everything is in the CRON.
  • Reboot assigns the proper IP
  • Reboot resumes the services
  • Reboot sends an email.
  • Firewall is setup.
  • Firewall enables only specific ips for redis.
  • Firewall enables only specific ips for mysql.
  • Firewall enables only specific ips for monitoring system.
  • Fail2Ban configuration is proper.
  • Fail2Ban has specific IPs as whitelisted.
  • Fail2Ban - Nginx Bots should have at least 60 days banning period.
  • Fail2Ban - Nginx Bots toleration is just 1
  • Logrotate is working for Nginx
  • Logrotate is working for Application Log
  • Logrotate is working for Fail2Ban
  • Sudo Cron has CertBot
  • Certbot is whitelisted to move to one server only.
  • Certbot checks one directory only.
  • Certificates traverse from Master to Slave twice a day.
  • Connections between mysqls are encrypted.
  • There are at least two mysql servers (Master - Passive Master)
  • Monit system is working for forever.
  • Redis crash is handled properly.
  • Free space is monitored.
  • Free RAM is monitored.
  • API for top memory usage.
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