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Probably the craziest dockerized vim out there.
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SVIM - pronounce as SWIM

This is the Super-Vim and Idea behind svim is pretty simply - you take your VIM along with you.

I have added all the plugins I use for development. You can use this image to add more plugins.

It is based on extended version of vimrc


List is organized alphabetically

How to use?

Add this to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc depending on your configuration:

alias svim='docker run -ti -e TERM=xterm -e GIT_USERNAME="You True" -e GIT_EMAIL="you@getyourdatasold"  --rm -v $(pwd):/home/developer/workspace varunbatrait/svim'

Then use

svim path/to/file


Try to be on the directory of project - where you have your git repository. It will have added functionality of git.

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