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Material about tutorial "Machine Learning and Software Configurable Systems: A Gentle Introduction"

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Tutorial "Machine Learning and Software Configurable Systems: A Gentle Introduction"


Slides: see slides folder:

(1) Background

  • MLTutorialSPLC20-SLR.pdf
  • MLTutorialSPLC20-ML.pdf
  • DT.pdf

(2) The case of VaryLaTeX

  • MLTutorialSPLC19-VaryLaTeX.pdf
  • MLTutorialSPLC19-VaryLaTeXExercice.pdf

(3) The case of x264

  • MLTutorialSPLC20-ICPE_Sampling.pdf
  • MLTutorialSPLC19-x264Exercice.pdf

(4) Conclusion

  • MLTutorialSPLC20-WrapUp.pdf

Jupyter notebook: see latex and x264 folder:

  • The case of VaryLaTeX: Latex_specialization.ipynb
  • The case of x264: x264_performance_prediction.ipynb



  • Welcome and general motivation: Why machine learning is relevant for engineering software configurable systems?
  • The VaryLaTeX case (demonstration)
  • Overview: An overview of works in the field, see MLTutorialSPLC19-SLR.pdf
    • based on a systematic literature survey
    • we describe the different applications (pure prediction, optimization, specialization, understanding, etc.)
    • we review subject systems and application domains
    • we describe numerous sampling strategies
    • we detail how configurations are measured
    • we report on learning algorithms used and their assessment
  • Setup instructions (1020 => 1030)
  • Practical session 1: learning-based specialization with VaryLaTeX case (1100 => 1145, see MLTutorialSPLC19-VaryLaTeXExercie.pdf)
  • information about VaryLaTeX:
  • dataset:
  • decision tree algorithm and a focus on interpretability
  • we use Python and Jupyter notebooks
  • exercices:
    • change the training set size and analyze the effect on accuracy and rules
    • change some hyperparameters
    • change the algorithm (using random forest)
  • Practical session 2: performance prediction with x264 case (1145 => 1215, see MLTutorialSPLC19-x264Exercice.pdf)
  • dataset from the literature
  • we use Python and Jupyter notebooks
  • Summary and open research directions (1215 => 1230, see MLTutorialSPLC19-WrapUp.pdf)
    • wrap-up
    • open issues


requirements: Jupyter, Python 3 with scikit-learn, pandas, and numpy play with notebooks in latex (for VaryLaTeX exercice) and x264 (for x264 exercice)

pip install pandas
pip install numpy
pip install scikit-learn
pip install jupyter
pip install graphviz

Docker alternative :

docker build -t splc .
docker run -p 8888:8888 splc


Material about tutorial "Machine Learning and Software Configurable Systems: A Gentle Introduction"






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