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VVV 1.2.0

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@jeremyfelt jeremyfelt released this 15 Dec 07:01
· 2715 commits to master since this release

1.2.0 Release Writeup


  • VVV is now MIT Licensed.
  • _Possible Breaking:_ By default, database files are no longer mapped to a local location.
    • A full vagrant destroy and the removal of MySQL data from {vvv-dir}/database/data/ is recommended.
    • If database files already exist from an earlier version of VVV, data will continue to be mapped locally until removed.
    • Database data will continue to exist on the virtual machine through vagrant halt and vagrant suspend.
    • Database data will no longer exist on the virtual machine after vagrant destroy.
    • A db_backup script is provided by default that creates local backups of each database on halt, suspend, and destroy if the vagrant-triggers plugin is installed.
  • _Possible Breaking:_ Ubuntu has been upgraded from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS. We have also moved from 32bit to 64bit.
    • A full vagrant destroy is recommended for best results.
    • A new box will be downloaded for the base virtual machine. If you'd like to free space, remove the old box with vagrant box remove precise32. Running vagrant box list will show you all base VMs on your local machine.
    • With a new operating system comes a new RSA key. If you are connecting via SSH through an application that relies on your machines known_hosts file, you will need to clear the old key for See #365
  • Init scripts are now fired with source rather than bash. Due to this change, something like cd "$(dirname $0)" no longer works as expected. See #373 and #370 for reasoning and discussion.
  • WordPress: Add develop_git to convert the default SVN checkout to Git.
  • PHP: Update to PHP 5.5.x
  • PHP: Remove php-apc and apc.ini. Enable built in opcache.
  • PHP: Start tracking custom php5-fpm.conf file.
  • PHP: Start tracking custom opcache.ini file.
  • PHP: Update to PHPUnit 4.0.x
  • PHP: Install XDebug PECL extension directly, rather than via apt.
  • phpMyAdmin: Update to
  • WP-Cli: Add support for autocomplete.
  • VVV Dashboard: Add Opcache Status for opcache monitoring.
  • Bash: Allow for a custom bash_prompt file in config/
  • NodeJS: Use recommended PPAs to install
  • NodeJS: Self update NPM during provisioning
  • Logs: Map a shared directory for logs, start storing php_errors.log
  • Nginx: Install using the mainline repository, currently 1.7.x.