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VVV 1.3.0

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@jeremyfelt jeremyfelt released this 21 Feb 19:46
· 2523 commits to master since this release

1.3.0 release write-up


  • Add support for Parallels as a provider. See #479.
  • Add support for Hyper-V as a provider. See #742.
  • Add support for VMWare Fusion as a provider. See #587.
  • Add support for VMWare Workstation as a provider. See 656.
  • Add MailCatcher to default provisioning. See #632.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Composer: Set a custom GitHub token for Composer if it exists. See #575.
  • Docs: Update inline Vagrantfile documentation to better explain various network configurations.
  • MySQL: Enable innodb_file_per_table. See #537.
  • npm: Add npm-check-updates during provisioning to help manage package.json inside the VM. See #484.
  • PHP: Bump max upload size in PHP and Nginx to 1024MB to support developing on the Internet in the year 2016. See #599.
  • PHPCS: Set default code standards for PHPCS to WordPress-Core. See #574.
  • phpMyAdmin: Allow for a custom phpMyAdmin configuration file. See #688.
  • PHPUnit: Update PHPUnit to 4.8.x. A future update of VVV should include PHP 5.6.x or PHP 7 and allow us to update PHPUnit to 5.x. See #808.
  • PHPUnit: Allow PHPUnit to run tests from the local machine while using the WordPress unit tests database in the virtual machine. See #785.
  • PHPUnit: Set the WP_CORE_DIR path so PHPUnit tests are run against WordPress trunk. See #783.
  • Provision: Rewrite to be more modular. This improves readability and may one day aid in testability. See #659.
  • Vagrant: Set the default box name to that of the working directory to allow for multiple instances of VVV without conflict. See #706.
  • Vagrant: Allow for a custom trigger, vagrant_up to fire during vagrant up and vagrant reload. See #778.
  • Vagrant: Make it easier and more forward-compatible to modify the virtual machine's IP address. See #781.
  • Vagrant: Clarify default setting of 1 CPU when creating the virtual machine. See #625.
  • WordPress: Provide better support for testing with by accounting for these requests in wp-config.php. See #559.
  • WordPress: SVN repositories configured in VVV provisioning are now set to HTTPS. Existing repositories configured to HTTP will not automatically update during provisioning unless they are first relocated to HTTPS. The svn relocate command can be used for this. See #561.
  • WP-CLI: Add an external configuration for WP-CLI so that a locally installed copy can be used outside of the VM. See #564.