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VVV 1.4.0

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@jeremyfelt jeremyfelt released this 02 Nov 16:18
· 2717 commits to develop since this release

1.4.0 release post

Bug fixes and Enhancements

  • PHP 7.0.x has now replaced PHP 5.5.x. See #844.
  • Update PHPUnit to the latest stable 5.6.x version. See #1004
  • Xdebug 2.4.0 is now built from source to provide PHP 7.0.x support. See #869.
  • Disable Xdebug during provisioning so that Composer can operate at normal speed. See #971
  • Improve the package installation check to avoid false positives. See #840.
  • Allow vvv-nginx.conf to be located in a project's subdirectory. See #852.
  • Install the latest version of git via its PPA. See #872
  • Assign names to pre, custom, default, and post provisioners to make --provision-with possible. See #806
  • Install nvm to provide access to multiple NodeJS versions. See #863
  • Provide the NodeJS 6.x LTS release by default. See #1007
  • Switch to NodeSource for NodeJS packages. See #779
  • Move query_cache_* config for MySQL to its proper place in the [mysqld] section. See #925
  • Allow WordPress core unit test database configuration to be supplied with environment variables. See #846.
  • Use the correct command wp core update when updating WordPress with WP-CLI. See #958
  • Remove the WordPress trunk checkout from default provisioning. remains. See #921
  • Checkout and initialize the repository in a temporary (non-shared) directory. This addresses issues with a possible race condition during NPM package installation on a shared drive. See #969