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VVV 2.1.0

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@jeremyfelt jeremyfelt released this 08 Nov 18:36
· 1987 commits to master since this release

2.1.0 release post


  • Add cosmetic improvements to provisioning. This cleans up quite a bit of the junk that displayed on many lines when it should have displayed on one. See #1247.
  • Update ack-grep to 2.16. See #1148.
  • Dashboard (http://vvv.test) links now open in new tabs. See #1168.
  • Speed up checking for vvv-hosts files in Vagrantfile. See #1182.
  • Pass more configuration data to the VirtualBox VM on boot. See #1197.
  • Link to's Add New Site in the http://vvv.test dashboard. See #1220.
  • Build the VirtualBox VM name from the Vagrant directory and path hash. See #1236.
  • PHPCS is now installed via Composer. See #922.
  • VVV now uses .test instead of .dev for new installs and the dashboard. See #583.
  • Added the VIP minimum coding standards to PHPCS. See #1279.


  • Fix a wrong path for phpcs and phpcbf executables. See #1200.
  • Force Composer to use the scripts directory instead of bin. See #1202.
  • Fix bug installing rvm (which broke MailCatcher). See #1235.
  • Add phpcodesniffer-standard to PHPCS's composer.json. See #1239.
  • Ignore provision generated PHPCS files in Git. See #1276.


Many updates to VVV's documentation were made between the release of 2.0.0 and now. As of 2.1.0, the process to contributing to documentation has changed to use the repository. This allows the workflow for shipping documentation changes to proceed separately from shipping VVV releases.