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An open source Vagrant configuration for developing with WordPress
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Varying Vagrant Vagrants ( VVV )

VVV is local developer environment, mainly aimed at WordPress developers. It uses Vagrant and VirtualBox, and can be used to build sites and contribute to WordPress.

How To Use

To use it, download and install Vagrant and VirtualBox. Then, clone this repository and run:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater --local
vagrant up --provision

When it's done, visit http://vvv.test.

The online documentation contains more detailed installation instructions.

Minimum System requirements

  • Vagrant 2.2.4+
  • Virtualbox 5.2+
  • 8GB+ of RAM
  • Virtualisation ( VT-X ) enabled in the BIOS ( Windows/Linux )
  • Hyper-V turned off ( Windows )

Software included

For a comprehensive list, please see the list of installed packages.

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