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VVV Extensions

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These are optional system level features and software for VVV, we call them extensions. This repo is the core extension, and has a continuous release process, all version of VVV use this git repo.

Extensions used to be called utilities, but people got confused and kept asking for extensions.

Here is how you might use this utility to install software in config/config.yml:

  core: # The core VVV utility
    - tls-ca # HTTPS SSL/TLS certificates
    - phpmyadmin # Web based database client
    - php83 # PHP Version 8.3

Each item is the name of a folder, in the above example, adding php83 means that VVV will run the php83/ script when provisioning. Likewise if you added a banana/ and listed - banana in config/config.yml, then banana/ would run on the next provision.

For more information about extensions and how to create your own, read our extensions chapter on the documentation site.