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hedgecopy README
:Author:    Alexander Schwoch
:Date:      17.10.2012
:Revision:  0


== Purpose

The source code that comes with this project is a development version of the 
code {relatedArticleUrl}[described in my related Code Project article].

It is designed to copy and/or verify the integrity of usually large files which 
can not be copied flawlessly given the standard tools on "cranky hardware". I
ecperienced this and manually had to "repair" a large archive 
{repairArchiveUrl}[as described in my video available on YouTube (in german)].

== License

As I created the program as a result of {originalArticleUrl}[reading another 
article with the same name] as mine, I will publish this under the same license. 
This work is published under the {cpolUrl}[The Code Project Open License 

The main points subject to the terms of the License are:

 - Source Code and Executable Files can be used in commercial applications;
 - Source Code and Executable Files can be redistributed; and
 - Source Code can be modified to create derivative works.
 - No claim of suitability, guarantee, or any warranty whatsoever is provided. 
   The software is provided "as-is".
== Attributions
 - Initial idea to this program is derived from the code project article
   {originalArticleUrl}[Fault Tolerance for Large Files on Cranky Hardware]
 - This file was generated by or may be transformed with 
== Documentation

To compare two files run hedgecopy with two arguments. Note: In a future version
copying will be added with this command.


 ./hedgecopy ./-file-1 ./-file-2

=== Switches 

All switches must be submitted before the input files, meaning that the files
to compare must be the last two arguments.

+-e+ instructs hedgecopy to compare files instead of copying.

+-p+ instructs hedgecopy to print its progress in percent. Implies -v.

+-v+ verbose output. Number of retries and its offsets will be printed.

+-k+ Keep running even if a files are considered different.

+-r=<N>+ sets the number of retries to <N>. Defaults to 3.

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