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Welcome to @Vasiley's Home Automation World

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I currently have two instances of Home Assistant running:

  1. Running on a Raspberry Pi 3, dedicated to my Fish Tank, where it automatically monitors and maintain Lighting, Temperature, Water levels and alerts me whenever it requires my attention. You can find my Fish Tank Repository Here

  2. The second Home Assistant instance is running on a x86 Linux Operating System, primarily used for my Home Automation. I use Packages in my setup, and the following are the devices that I have:


  • Blue Iris


  • Ecobee3

Power Supply

  • UPS

Device Trackers

  • nmap

Additional Components

  • Pi-Hole
  • Fail2ban
  • Feedreader

Alexa Integration

  • Custom Intents

Blinds in various Rooms

  • Custom Blinds


  • Various Custom light and dark themes

Multi Media

  • Harmony Remote
  • Kodi
  • Roku ...more!

Color Printer

  • HP Color Printer (For Ink Management)

Washing Machine

  • Automatically alert when the wash cycle is finished

Wax Warmers

  • Wax Warmers in various rooms

Custom Components

  • Google GeoCode
  • Custom Variables