Light Electric Vehicle CAN protocol
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Light Electric Vehicle CAN protocol

Some ideas taken from J1939 and CanOpen

Uses 29bit CAN network (1MBps default), check dev branches for latest builds.


  • Two transmission modes, TCP (controlled reception and data order) and UDP
  • Multiple nodes supported for one device
  • Dynamic network address
  • Configurable parameters for devices
  • Simple file i/o with file server
  • Static and dynamic memory supported
  • Up to 125 devices on bus
  • 10 bit message ID + length matching
  • Broadcast and adressed messages

Planned (todo)

  • Data bus abstraction layer, bridges between different buses
  • Make possible own node requests (frontend and backend in single node)
  • Better TCP message
  • Sockets?
  • Something like CANOPEN Service Data Object (SDO) protocol, where you can ask node to repeately send some objects

Low level info

Each message that is sent by a Node contains source address. There are 128 possible addresses:

  • 0..126 – Valid source addresses for Node
  • 0..63 – Used for Node with Preferred Addresses
  • 64...125 – Available for all Node
  • 126 – Null (not set)
  • 127 – Global

CAN 1Mbps 7812.5 msg/s at 8byte (total msg 128 bit) 62500 data bytes max

alt text alt text