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Version 0.2.1
Release date: 04.11.2013
* Added User-Agent header so Vatsim servers won't complain
Version 0.2
Release date: 15.01.2013
* Added "Altimeter" field in Flight Details Window
* Added NATs parsing
* Added new version notifier
* Metars' window is now more convenient
* Added Portuguese translation
* Fixed non-updating flight & atc tables for inactive airports (#1)
* When bookings table is empty, headers are now visible
* NSIS package installer - banner now visible
* Fixed bug that caused some "details" buttons to disappear after data update,
when FIR Details Window was opened
Build system:
* Added CMake toolchain for MinGW on Linux
* Added patch for clang-3.1
* "Details" buttons have icons
* "Bookings" table is now sortable
* "Track this flight" action for flights is now checkable
* Airport database updates
Version 0.1
Release date: 27.10.2012