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An experimental Actor Model that provides a grid.
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This is a preview of my experimental Actor Model grid.

Initially I am releasing only the local mailbox and
hash map persistence implementation. One interesting
thing about this is the high-performance local mailbox
implementation, namely ThreadManagedRingBufferMailbox.
I am seeing in the range of 1.5 million messages per
second passed through the mailbox, including ask/answer
future-based messaging. (Yes, the grid supports ask/answer
via futures.)

For now see the tests found here to for how the various
actor features work: LocalMailboxActorMessagingTest

Tests take time (some 5-10 seconds) because they focus
on timing large numbers of message sends. When you run
the Gradle build be patient while the tests execute.
There's nothing wrong when you see the test runner pause.

I intend to release additional features including multi-
node grid support and various key-value and event
sourcing actor persistence mechanisms. That's going to
require a bit more time.

Vaughn Vernon
Author: Implementing Domain-Driven Design
Twitter: @VaughnVernon

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