A* pathfinding and movement system in C# and MonoGame taken from the Vault-Tech engine
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MonoGame SDK
Pathfinding Demo


A* pathfinding and movement system in C# and MonoGame.

I have been working on this code for the past two year. I hope you appreciate it and hope it helps you with your own projects.

This is project is taken from my engine, Vault-Tech engine.

This project contains my rendering code and the A* algorithm that supports and is working on multi-threading. It also has the waypoint system.

This project is running on the latest verion of MonoGame. As of today 06/March/2015 MonoGame is at V3.3.0.2210.

If you have any question please feel free to email me or comment on my website and I will make sure to answer you.

Good luck. Enjoy ^_^