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Blue Flame Engine

A 3D/2D game engine that supports both DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.5 and OpenGL ES 3.0

**Note:- For the most recent build of the engine, please check out the unstable branch of the repository.


  • Support for Windows, Linux, WebGL 2.0 and Android.
  • Support for DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4+.
  • Support for PNG, JPEG, BMP, DDS, TIFF, WBMP, WebP and more using the FreeImage library.
  • Support for FBX model format that then gets converted to a custom model loading format called BFX.
  • Support for custom file formats like BFA for Animation and BFM for tile maps.
  • Support for 16bit, 32bit and IEEE float WAV file format loading.
  • Support for OpenAL-Soft 1.17.2 for 3D audio.
  • Support for ttf font rendering using FreeType v2.7.1 library.
  • Rendering 3D models with basic Phong shading.
  • Rendering 2D sprites with sprite batching.
  • Rendering 2D textures.
  • Rendering Texture Cubes and Skybox.
  • Rendering Tile maps.
  • Rendering to a 2D texture using Framebuffer.
  • Support for Ambient, diffuse and specular lighting.
  • Support for Material system that can specify Ambient, diffuse and specular colors and support for diffuse and specular maps.
  • Support for playing sprite animation.
  • Support for terrain generation using height maps.
  • Support for GUI system.
  • Support for math library that has Vector2, 3 and 4, 4x4 Matrix and Rectangle.
  • Support for basic AABB collision detection.
  • Support for both Perspective and Orthographic projection.
  • Support for Camera system.
  • Support for basic TCP networking.
  • Support for map editor.
  • Controller support on Windows using Xinput v1.4.

Platform state as of 15/12/2017:-

  • Windows - OpenGL 4.5:- working
  • Windows - DirectX 11:- broken
  • Linux - OpenGL 4.5:- broken
  • Android - OpenGL ES 3.0:- broken
  • Web - OpenGL ES 3.0:- broken

If you like what I'm doing here and would like to support the engine development, you can become a Patreon supporter.

This is the sponza scene running ony my game engine with basic diffuse lighting. alt tag

Blue Flame Engine: Texture Cubes and Skybox

Get more details at codescene.io.