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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Hey there. Looks like you want to contribute with an issue. Great. Here's what y
* Read through the steps on [Bug Reporting 101]( (You may skip this if you're already familiar with reporting issues, but it's good for newcomers);
* Note the following points:
* Issues regarding MCPC+/Cauldron that are not reproducible with forge only are **not accepted**;
- * Issues regarding outdated versions of the mod are **not accepted**;
+ * Issues regarding outdated versions of the mod, especially for older versions of Minecraft, are **not accepted**;
* Unless you manually update every mod on the pack to the latest, issues regarding any public modpack that is not officially maintained or supported by the botania developers (the ones in the modpack section of the website are not) are **not accepted**;
* Duplicate issues or issues that have been solved already (use the search feature!) will be closed without asking.
* Do not tag your issues' names. "Something Broke" is prefered to "[Bug] Something Broke" because there's a proper label system in place.

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