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Indexyz Indexyz

A student from China.

Indexyz Technology Inc. ZheJiang,China

Sargun Vohra sargunster

CS student at Purdue

Purdue University

Hendrik ACGaming

Mostly doing localization


ihyomo ihyomo

Twitter 駄コード放置してるのであんまり見ないで...恥ずかしい(/ω\)


MattDahEpic MattDahEpic

Founder, Octolopagon Games

Joshua Bennett legodude17

Independent open source node.js and Web developer. ~legodude on npm.


Jacob G. JakeZ1

Java, Html, Css, C#

Razlite razlite

プログラミングできません。 | Member of @NephyProject.

@NephyProject Fukushima, Japan

MasterKrain MasterKrain

A 17 y.o. Dutch apprentice game developer (2nd year) who loves to experiment. One of my goals is to make the ultimate impactful horror game.


Kieren camellirite

Still learning

Adelaide, Australia

squirrel guy an-OK-squirrel

Just a squirrel, man. Just a squirrel.‮did I break something yet?k̛̳͙̞̰͙̯̪̙͓̀͝

squirrel guy inc somewhere

Alexander ElementalWizard

Software Engineering College Student

Puerto Rico

ninjawarrior1337 ninjawarrior1337

I like cheese

TyTech Inc Canoga Park

tartaric_acid TartaricAcid

A normal Chinese undergraduate who enjoy minecraft mod.


SnowShock35 SnowShock35

Jordan | Gay | Student | Snowman | @FTB_Team Modpack Developer | Modpack Developer | Jampacked 2 Winner | My Opinions are my Own!

South West, England

Karl Jones Karljoones

Founder of @Iarratais development.

@Iarratais Dublin

Sam D4rkSol1tud3

Someone who makes an obstinate effort to think with clarity...


Jose Cortinas jacortinas

Versatile full-stack developer

San Antonio, TX