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The command line interface for Veams.
Visit the Veams website.


Veams-cli gives you the possibility to

  • scaffold a new project
  • scaffold a new component from scratch
  • scaffold a custom blueprint from scratch
  • install Veams Components


Install the cli via:


npm install -g @veams/cli


Here you can find help instructions how you can use veams-cli:

veams command [arguments]

Command Shortcut Description
generate -g Add a component or custom blueprint to your project (@see Command: generate)
help -h Show the help.
install -i Install extensions (@see Command: install).
new -n Create something new (@see Command: new)
update -u Update veams-cli and all packages
version -v Show VEAMS version

Command: new

Arguments Shortcut Description Example
blueprint [name] bp Create a new blueprint from scratch. veams new blueprint accordion
project p Create a new project from scratch. veams new project

Command: generate

Arguments Shortcut Description Example
component [name] c Add a component to your project veams generate component slider
utility [name] u Add an utility to your project veams generate utility grid-col
bp [name] You can also add custom blueprints veams generate react-container article

Command: install

Arguments Shortcut Description Example
blueprint [path] [type] bp Install a blueprint based on Veams. veams install blueprint C:\blueprint\slider component
component [name] c Install a specific veams-component. veams install component slider (--S)
utility [name] u Install a specific veams-utility. veams install utility grid (--S)