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Include responsive (content) images. It supports lazy loading (when provided in your JavaScript) and uses a custom getUrl helper to print out the relative path or URL.


Installation with Veams

veams install component picture
veams -i c picture




Parameter Type Value Description
settings.pictureContextClass String default Context class of component.
settings.pictureClasses String Modifier classes for component.
settings.lazyload Boolean Set to true to use lazyload


Parameter Type Description
content.fallback String Path to fallback image, e.g. "" - mostly the smallest image defined in srcset.
content.alt String An alternative text describing the image if a user for some reason cannot view it.

Content Items

Parameter Type Description
content.items Array An array containing different image sources. The images should differ in type or in picture detail, otherwise there's no need to add more than one child object. Each item will generate a <source> element.
content.items.type String If the browser supports the format described in the type attribute, it uses that source; otherwise, the element is skipped. Example: image/webp Use type attribute only if you provide new file formats like webp, jx2, jp2, apng, etc. String If a query in a media attribute evaluates to true, the browser must use that source; otherwise, the <source> element is skipped. Example: (min-width: 200px). Use media attribute only for art direction use case.
Content Items Srcset
Parameter Type Description
content.items.srcset Array Use srcset to provide different image sizes. Contains 1-x children.
content.items.srcset.src String Path to image, e.g.
content.items.srcset.imageWidth String The width in physical pixels (e.g. 400w) of image referenced in src above.
Content Item Sizes
Parameter Type Description
content.items.sizes Array Use sizes to define the width of our images at a given screen size. The media queries could reflect the breakpoints in your project, but it's not mandatory to stick to them. If the width of an image in the srcset attribute is set (= "imageWidth"), the sizes attribute must be present.
content.items.sizes.screenWidth String Media query (e.g. (min-width: 992px)) defining which image to use.
content.items.sizes.imageWidth String Width of image in viewport matching the media query defined in "screenWidth". Use width in pixel, e.g. 960px or as a dynamic width, e.g. calc(100vw - 50px).


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