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The component represents a simple but powerful slider.

The slider module is a component for cycling through elements, like a carousel or slideshow. It allows users to swipe on touch-enabled devices.



Installation with Veams

veams install component slider
veams -i c slider



The partial is a \{{#wrapWith}} helper. Documentation for wrapWith helper.


Parameter Type Value Description
settings.sliderContextClass String default Context class of component.
settings.sliderClasses String Modifier classes for component.
settings.sliderJsOptions Object JavaScript options which gets stringified.
settings.sliderInnerFullWidth Boolean false Delete the class .is-container from .slider__content.
settings.sliderHidePagination Boolean false Hide the pagination when set to true.



Parameter Type Description
content.sliderButtons Object Contains the controls content. When the object is not defined, the controls will not be printed out.
content.sliderButtons.prev String Define the button text for the previous button. String Define the button text for the next button.


The partial is a {{#wrapWith}} helper. Documentation for wrapWith helper.


Parameter Type Description
settings.sliderOverflow Boolean Set this option to true if you want to add the class .is-overflow which gives you the possibility to show all hidden items next to the active element(s).


The partial is a {{#wrapWith}} helper. Documentation for wrapWith helper.

JavaScript Options

The module gives you the possibility to override default options:

Option Type Default Description
autoPlay Boolean false Enable AutoPlay option of the slider
autoPlayInterval Number 3000 AutoPlay speed in milliseconds String 'is-active' Class for the active slide
classes.cloneClass String 'is-cloned' For the infinite slider the last and first element gets cloned. The cloning class can be overridden
classes.disabled String 'is-disabled' Class for disabled next/prev button
classes.hidden String 'is-hidden' The hidden class used by handling the visibility of the slider
classes.paginationItem String 'slider__pagination-list-item' Class which used in mini template
classes.sliding String is-sliding Class to be set during slide animation
classes.unresolved String is-unresolved Unresolved class which gets removed when initialized
disablePagination Boolean false Disable pagination
enableTouchSwipe Boolean true Enable support for swipe gestures on touch devices
groupPaginationItems Boolean true Enable the grouping of pagination items
infinite Boolean false The slider will be set in infinite mode. Can not be used with multiple active slide items
pageScrollThreshold Number 30 Threshold for vertical swipe in pixels
paginationItemClass String 'slider__pagination-list-item' Class for the generated pagination item
paginationItemJsAtom String 'slider-pagination-item' Data attribute for the generated pagination item
pauseOnHover Boolean true When autoplay is set you can enable/disable pause on hover
selectors.items String '[data-js-item="slider-item"]' Define the slide item element String '[data-js-item="slider-next"]' Define the next button element
selectors.prev String '[data-js-item="slider-prev"]' Define the prev button element
selectors.paginationList String '[data-js-item="slider-pagination-list"]' Define the pagination list element in which the pagination items are generated in
selectors.ribbon String '[data-js-item="slider-ribbon"]' Define the slider ribbon which is holding all slides and gets the full width
selectors.wrapper String '[data-js-item="slider-wrapper"]' Define the slider wrapper element
slideByItemNumber Number false You can use the option to override the initial slide step which is the number of current visible items
startAtIndex Number 0 Start index for the slider
swipeThreshold Number 5 Threshold for horizontal swipe in percent
visibleItems Object {'mobile-s': 1, 'mobile-p': 1, 'tablet-p': 1, 'tablet-l': 1, 'desktop-m': 1, 'desktop-l': 1} Define how many slide items should be visible on different viewports

Sass Options

There are multiple global variables which you can change:

Variable Value Description
$slider-darken: 10 !default Darken value for hover effects.
$slider-unresolved-height: 300px !default Set a fix height when the slider is in unresolved state.
$slider-duration: 600ms !default Slide item animation duration.
$slider-ease-method: ease !default Slide item animation ease method.
$slider-control-bg-color: #a5cfd1 !default Background color of control buttons.
$slider-pagination-color: #555 !default Background color of pagination items.
$slider-pagination-color-active: $slider-pagination-color !default Active vackground color of pagination items which gets darken by $slider-darken.
$slider-pagination-size: 15px !default Pagination size (width & height).
$slider-pagination-border-radius: 25% !default Border radius of pagination items.