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Veams is one of the most flexible and efficient system to build scalable Web Apps, HTML5 web interfaces and Prototypes. It is extremely extensible and efficiently architected.
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Core of VEAMS framework

When you have scaffolded the project with the CLI you can skip the Installation and Usage section!

Installation without @veams/cli

To install VEAMS as framework you have to work with the core library.


npm install @veams/core --save


yarn add @veams/core 


Basic Usage

To use VEAMS as framework just install and import the library:


import Veams from '@veams/core';

This imports a starter kit which initialize the core.


// Reset (veams-reset or veams-normalize)
@import "./node_modules/veams/scss/veams-reset";
@import "./node_modules/veams/scss/veams";

That's it. The framework is integrated.

Advanced Usage

You can also create your own instance of the core by using the Core class.

import Core from '@veams/core/lib/core';

let app = new Core({
    namespace: 'App',
    addToGlobal: false


The core of VEAMS is nothing more than a simple object (Veams). In general VEAMS comes with some empty and predefined objects and a basic API.

Veams Core Options

  • namespace {String} ['Veams'] - Add your custom namespace.
  • addToGlobal {Boolean} [false] - Add your previously defined namespace to the global window object.


Veams.addHelper('name', helperFunction)

  • @param {String} name - Helper name which will be used in the registration process.
  • @param {Function} helperFunction - The helper function.

The method allows the registration of provided or custom helpers.


  • @param {Object} plugin - Plugin object which extends the VEAMS object.

This method provides the possibility to register a plugin, see section Creation of plugins.

Veams Core Object

Veams.EVENTS {Object}

The events object can be used to communicate between modules. It can be extended with further custom events. Just see @veams/plugin-vent.

Veams.base.version {String}

Display the current VEAMS version.

Veams.dectections {Object}

The detections object contains the current width and height, as well as if you are on a touch device or not.

The detections object will be updated when you use @veams/plugin-media-query-handler.

Veams.helpers {Object}

VEAMS has some helpers which you can use. But you should use @veams/helpers for usage.

Veams.Plugins {Object}

All named plugins will be saved in this object. In the beginning it is empty.

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