Scaffold modern frontend web apps or web pages with a static site generator (Assemble or Mangony), Grunt and/or Gulp, Sass and Bower. Use modern frameworks like Bourbon, Bootstrap or Foundation and structure your JavaScript with ES Harmony support.
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One of the most flexible and efficient Yeoman generator to build Frontend Web Apps, HTML5 web interfaces and Prototypes.

Visit the Veams website.

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Head to the site for a detailed overview and further instructions.

Here just a short overview:

  1. You can use Grunt or Webpack as task runner/bundler/loader.
  2. You can use a static site generator with Mangony.
  3. You can add Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon and Lost to your project
  4. You can enable hinting and linting
  5. You can add the complete Veams stack to your project
  6. You can build a technical HTML documentation
  7. You can create a React App with Redux, Redux-Observables and more.
  8. You have a mock API in place.


I recommend to install @veams/cli.

If you only want to install the generator, just install it via: npm install -g @veams/generator-veams.


I recommend to use @veams/cli to scaffold projects, blueprints or something else.

If you want to start the generator without @veams/cli you can do the following:

yo veams

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