A simple helpers library categorized in different topics like browser, detection, object and more.
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Veams Helpers

A simple helpers library categorized in:

  • Array
  • Browser
  • Detection
  • Function
  • Object
  • Operator
  • String
  • Utility

TypeScript is supported as well!



npm install @veams/helpers --save


yarn add @veams/helpers


Just import the helper you need:

import transitionEnd from '@veams/helpers/lib/detection/transition-end';

or the whole library

import * as helpers from '@veams/helpers';

Helpers in Detail

Array Helpers

forEach(array, callback, scope)

  • @param {Array} array - array of objects
  • @param {function} callback - callback function
  • @param {string} scope - scope of function

Simple forEach method which can be used to iterate over an array.

indexOf(array, item)

  • @param {Array} array - array in which we search for
  • @param {Object} item - item which will be searched

Find index of a specific item in an array.

Browser Helpers

checkElementInContext(elem, context)

  • @param {Object} elem - Element, which will be checked.
  • @param {Object} context - Context element, in which our element could persists.

Check if element is in a specific context and return state as boolean.

getParamFromUrl(url, param)

  • @param {String} url - given url
  • @param {String} param - parameter (name)

Get value of parameter for given url.

querySelectorArray(sel, _context_)

  • @param {String} elem - Required: selector
  • @param {Object} [context] - Optional: context

Get dom elements in an array in a specific context. If context is not provided it uses document as context.

updateUrl(url, params)

  • @param {String} url - url on which parameters should be added / updated
  • @param {Object} params - parameters (name/value)

Add/Update multiple parameters for given url and returns a resulting URL string.

Detection Helpers


Detect animationend event.

detectSwipe(el, threshold)

  • @param {Object} el - element to detect swipes on
  • @param {Number} threshold - threshold for swipe (in px)

Detect swipe gestures.

isInViewport(elem, useBounds)

  • @param {Object} elem - Object, which we want to check
  • @param {boolean} useBounds - if true, whole element must be visible

Check if element is in viewport.


Touch detection helper which returns a boolean.


  • @param {Node} elem - Element to check

Returns a number, if element is offscreen -1 for top, 1 for bottom, 0 otherwise.


Detect transition end event.

Function Helpers

methodExtend(to, from, methodName)

  • @param {Object} to - view which will be extended.
  • @param {Object} from - methods which comes from mixin.
  • @param {String} methodName - function name.

Helper method to extend an already existing method.

mixin(from, _methods_ = ['initialize', 'render'])

  • @param {Object} from - Mixin object which will be merged via Helpers.defaults with the methods of our class
  • @param {Array} [methods] - Array of method names which will be extended.

Merge method functions. As second paramater you can provide an array of method names which will be extended.

Object Helpers

extend(a, b)

  • @param {Object} a - object which will be extended.
  • @param {Object} b - object which extending a.

Simple extend method to extend the properties of the object a with b. It overrides existing values of a.

defaults(a, b)

  • @param {Object} a - object which will be extended.
  • @param {Object} b - object which extending a.

Simple extend method to extend the properties of the object a with b. It keeps existing values of a.

Operator Helpers

throttle(func, wait, immediate)

  • @param {function} func - Function which will be executed.
  • @param {number} wait - number to wait in milliseconds.
  • @param {boolean} immediate - execute function immediately.

Throttle method for resize events and more.

String Helpers


  • @param {String} str - String where first char is upper cased

Capitalize first character in string.


  • @param {String} str - String

String which will be hyphenated by replacing white space and lower case the characters.


  • @param {String} str - String which will be camelcased

CamelCase strings by replacing hyphens, white space and points.

Utility Helpers

makeId(segments = 1)

  • @param {Number} [segments=1] - number of segments of generated id (segments consist of 10 digits, separated by '-').

Generates numeric id and returns a string.


  • @param {string} regEx - Regular Expression

Return a new RegExp.

That's it, have fun!