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Bourbon Neat provides a simple grid system, which you can use in your projects.

With u-grid there is implemented a mobile first class based system which is like Bootstrap or Foundation, but you are also flexible enough to just use mixins in your Sass or SCSS files.

In general u-grid.scss generates a set of grid column classes using namespaces.




Installation with Veams

veams install u grid


Grid Row

Option Type Default Description
settings.gridPadding Boolean [false] Add the margin to the left.
settings.gridClasses String Modifier classes like is-equal-height.

Grid Col

Option Type Default Description
colClasses String Column and offset classes.

SASS Options

Option Type Default Description
$grid-visual Boolean [false] You want to visualize the grid columns, then just set the value to true.
$grid-defaults Object [(columns: 12, gutter: 52px)] Default values which will be used in Neat.
$grid-breakpoints-defaults Object [('mobile-s': 320px, 'mobile-xl': 657px, 'tablet-p': 768px, 'tablet-l': 1024px, 'desktop': 1440px)] Default values which will be used in Neat.
$grid-class-col String [is-col] Column class namespace.
$grid-offset String [offset] Offset class namespace.

CSS Output

In combination with the Sass map for all major breakpoints, a specific mixin creates our markup classes which has the following structure:

  • .{$grid-class-col}-[namespace]-[number] - for a column that covers a specific number of columns (e.g. 1-12 by default)
  • .{$grid-class-col}-[namespace]-{$grid-offset}-[number] - for pushing a col a specific number of columns (e.g. 1-11 by default)

Modifier Classes

You can add the following modifiers to u-grid-row|is-grid-row:

  • is-collapsed - Delete the margin on the left (can be set via settings.gridCollapsed)
  • is-equal-height - Add flex box styles to support equal heights for the columns

Usage Examples

  • is-col-mobile-s-12 is-col-mobile-xl-6 is-col-tablet-p-4 is-col-tablet-p-offset-4 is-col-tablet-l-3 is-col-tablet-l-offset-0


Example for overwrite u-grid default settings in _vars.scss:

/* ===================================================
=================================================== */
// Breakpoints
$bp-mobile-s: 320px;
$bp-mobile-l: 600px;
$bp-tablet-s: 768px;
$bp-desktop: 1230px;
$bp-desktop-l: $max-width;

// Breakpoints Map
$bp: (
	'mobile-s': (
        columns: 12,
        gutter: 20px,
        media: 320px
    'mobile-l': (
        columns: 12,
        gutter: 20px,
        media: 657px
    'tablet-s': (
        columns: 12,
        gutter: 20px,
        media: 768px
    'desktop-l': (
        columns: 12,
        gutter: 20px,
        media: 1024px
    'desktop': (
        columns: 12,
        gutter: 20px,
        media: 1440px

$grid-breakpoints-defaults: $bp;
$grid-defaults: (
	columns: 12,
	gutter: 36px


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