Vebitcoin coin instant Api document.
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Vebitcoin Tickers API documentation

Vebitcoin coin instant Api document

Service has been moved to Google Cloud. Please use new RESTFul API address


Pair Market Information


Sample For : BTC/TRY market information.


Example usage: Return JSON

[ { "Ask":42413.31, "Bid":42423.31, "High":42323.21, "Low":42267.04, "Price":42267.04, "Open":0, "Volume":171065.1603487092, "Time":"2018-09-23T09:04:32.760455Z", "SourceCoinCode":"BTC", "TargetCoinCode":"TRY" } ]

This sample will return Vebitcoin live market BTC (Bitcoin) / TRY (Turkish Lira) tickers for last 24 hours.

All Market Information


Return all markets information by pair.

Example usage:

This sample will return all Vebitcoin live market pair all coin tickers for last 24 hours.

Currency Prices


Vebitcoin has alternative ways to exchange. Forexample; user can exchange BTC with TRY and BTC with TUSD, or User can exchange XRP with BTC and XRP with TRY. If you want to fetch information about Currency prices forexample XRP prices.

/ticker/xrp Example usage :