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Binary Ninja Plugins


PluginName Author License Description
Sample Plugin Vector 35 LLC MIT This is a short description meant to fit on one line.


PluginName Author License Description
Bookmarks Josh Watson MIT A plugin that adds bookmarking functionality.
MSP430 Architecture Plugin Josh Watson MIT A disassembler and lifter for the MSP430 architecture.
Radare2 Linear Sweep Plugin David Manouchehri BSD4 Uses radare to identify extra symbols
SPU Cell Architecture Plugin Bambu MIT A disassembler for the SPU Cell architecture.
AVR Architecture Plugin Carl Hurd MIT A disassembler for the AVR architecture.
Smali Architecture Plugin Lucas Duffey MIT Extracts dex from APK, and disassembles into Smali bytecode.
Binjatron snare MIT Synchronise the Binary Ninja binary view with a debugger via Voltron.
BINoculars rick2600 MIT Plugin for Binary Ninja to centralize features useful in static analysis.
easypatch Walter Schell MIT Right click to patch contents of memory operands
LLIL Kevin Chung MIT Linear IL view for Binary Ninja
List Comments rick2600 MIT List all comments.
x64dbgbinja x64dbg MIT Official x64dbg plugin for Binary Ninja.