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Binary Ninja Community Plugins

Repository to track Binary Ninja Community Plugins, Themes, and other related tools


Plugins in this repository are provided by the community. Vector 35 LLC makes no guarantees to the quality, safety or efficacy of the plugins herein.

Installing Plugins

To install plugins, you can either clone this repository, or clone the specific plugin you are interested in into your plugin folder.

Contributing Plugins

  1. Create a new repository (Optionally, just copy it from the sample plugin)
  2. Fill out a plugin.json
  3. (Optional) Run to update your readme and license
  4. File an issue with a link to your repo. Please note that pull requests are not supported at this time.

Required Fields

To be displayed in the plugin loader, your plugin.json MUST have the following fields:

  • name
  • author
  • api
  • license['name']
  • description
  • version

All other fields are optional.


Note that content contained in the root of this repository itself is Copyright 2016, Vector 35 LLC and available under an MIT license, but each individual plugin may be released under a different license.