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Awesome Emoji Awesome Emoji Logo

Emoji Count Awesome


Open + Vector = awesome!

  • Google Noto - the complete set from Android (source).
  • Twitter Twemoji - a complete set, licensed CC-BY 4.0 but with easy attribution requirements (source).
  • OpenMoji - consistent line-oriented images, including some custom emoji. Licensed CC BY-SA-4 (source).
  • Mozilla's Firefox OS - very nice, but no longer being updated.
  • EmojiTwo - a fork of the last open version of EmojiOne. Only a few updates since, but still pretty good.
  • Emojidex aka PhantomOpenEmoji.
  • Streamline Emoji - cute and CC-BY-4.0, but the repo is empty.

Unicode Emoji Data

Straight from the horse's mouth

  • Comparison table - all the emoji except skin-tone variations, with images for each major platform.
  • Skin-tone comparison table the emoji missing from the above chart, with images for each major platform.
  • Recent additions - list of what's new. Usually not supported on all the platforms yet.
  • List - just a single sample image, but with the official name and alternate names/keywords for each emoji.
  • Counts - so you know that there are 3,019 distinct emoji.
  • Unicode Technical Standard 51 - all the gory technical details. A bit dry, unless you are a emoji geek (which you definitely are if you have read this far!).

Comparison Sites

  • Emojipedia - great reference site, with images for all the plaforms (including historical), but only png and no links to the sources.
  • Wikipedia's Emoji Page - lists all the emoji with sample images from the major open platforms (including historical versions).

APIs and Programming


  • EmojiCopy - a decent copy-emoji-to-clipboard site.



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