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# of logos # of logo sources 30 day uptime

# of icons # of icon sources 30 day uptime

This is the source for the and websites.


Go to or and search for something!

Click on an image to go to the original source. You will need to check the source's license before re-using.


If you want to add another git repository with SVG logos, please submit a github issue on git-svg-icons repo.

Non-git sources can also be included, but it requires making an index file in the correct format. Let me know if you are interested & I can work on documenting how to do this.

Code contributions are welcome! Please follow the standard Github Fork & Pull Request Workflow.

See the to do list for a list of things that are already being planned.


While there is an internal API, it is not meant for public consumption. It is running on a low-end server and will fall down if subjected to a serious load.

But feel free to run your own copy...


It is a fairly standard node.js web app:

yarn install
yarn start

See config.ts for details about configuring the environment variables.


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

The images are the property of their original owners.


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