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Vector Logo Zone VLZ Logo

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Vector Logo Zone is my collection of vector (SVG) logos, sized and laid out in a uniform way so they look good together next to each other.

I also allow hot-linking, so you do not have to make copies of the images in order to display them on your website, though you are free to do so!

There are tons of other logo sites, but none met these basic requirements.

While the built-in search is pretty good (IMHO), I also run an expanded logo search engine at Logo Search that searches through VLZ and these other sites.

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Contributions are welcome! Please see the Contribution Guidelines!

If you aren't directly contributing but want to request a logo or report a bad logo, please use Github Issues for VectorLogoZone/vectorlogozone.


I used to have instructions here on how to get VLZ running locally, but it was never quite up to date. If you want to run it yourself, follow the commands in the deploy.yaml Github Action.


The website is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

The logos themselves remain property of their original owners. There is a link to the owner's website (and to the owner's usage guidelines if I could find them). Any modifications to the logos are in the public domain.


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See the sources page on Logo Search for places where I have found logos.