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VectorLogoZone API VectorLogoZone Logo

These are the backend APIs used by the main VectorLogoZone website.


Unfortunately, rate-limits mean that I cannot run it as an open service. However, it is fairly easy to run your own instance.


It is a TypeScript node.js app, so (once you have set the settings):

npm install
npm run build
npm run start

See the for how I run it in development.


All settings are stored in environment variables. The deploy and run scripts get them from a .env file.

name description
TWITTER_BEARER_TOKEN token for the Twitter API. Check to see how I got mine.
USERNAME (not currently used) the username to enter in the basic-auth dialog (default=admin)
PASSWORD (not currently used) the password to enter in the basic-auth dialog (default=password)


  • /api/twitter.json - takes id parameter
  • /api/github.json - takes id parameter


Contributions are welcome! Please follow the standard Github Fork & Pull Request Workflow

See the to do list for a list of things that are planned.


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0



Cloudflare Git Github Google Analytics Handlebars Koa Node.js npm pino Shoelace CSS TypeScript Zeit

API Data Sources:

Github Twitter SVG Logo Search

To do:

SuperTinyIcons SVGPorn InstantLogoSearch

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