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<!--[if lte IE 6]>
<p class="ie6" style="background-color:#ffeecc; padding: 1em;
margin-top: 1em;">
It looks like you're using IE6. This site probably won't work too well
for you. If you can,
please <a href="">upgrade to a
modern browser</a>. We know that some of you may not have the ability
to upgrade, but unfortunately supporting IE6 is no longer viable for
<div class="yui-g">
<div class="yui-u first column">
<& '/lib/front-page/' . $columns[0] . '.mas', %ARGS &>
<div class="yui-u column">
<& '/lib/front-page/' . $columns[1] . '.mas', %ARGS &>
% if ($new_vendor_count) {
There have been <strong><% $new_vendor_count %>
<% PL( 'entry', $new_vendor_count ) %></strong>
% if ($new_review_count) {
and <strong><% $new_review_count %> <% PL( 'review', $new_review_count ) %></strong>
% }
added in the last 7 days\
% }
<p> is a community-maintained, world-wide guide to vegetarian and
vegan restaurants and shopping.
<h2>REST API</h2>
Calling all developers! We've released an <a href="/site/api-docs">alpha
REST API</a> and an <a href="/api-explorer/">API explorer</a> to go with
it. It works, but we may change bits of it in the future. We'd love
to <a href="">get your feedback</a> on this
API. You can also check out
the <a href="">site's source on
GitHub</a>. Pull requests are welcome.
% if ($news_item) {
<h3><& /lib/format/date.mas, date => $news_item->creation_datetime_object() &> - <% $news_item->title() | h %></h3>
<% $news_item->body() %>
% }
% if ( VegGuide::Config->IsTest() ) {
<div style="border: 2px solid red; padding: 0 0.4em; margin-bottom: 0.5em;">
<strong>WARNING:</strong> this is a test server,
so data stored here may be wiped out without any notice. Don't
do any work here you are not prepared to lose.
% }
my $new_vendor_count = VegGuide::Vendor->NewVendorCount( days => 7 );
my $new_review_count = VegGuide::VendorComment->NewCommentCount( days => 7 );
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