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*Due to the privacy issue we will not provide the license plates in the future.*
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1. VeRi dataset

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To facilitate the research of vehicle re-identification (Re-Id), we build a large-scale benchmark dateset for vehicle Re-Id in the real-world urban surveillance scenario, named "VeRi". The featured properties of VeRi include:

  • It contains over 50,000 images of 776 vehicles captured by 20 cameras covering an 1.0 km^2 area in 24 hours, which makes the dataset scalable enough for vehicle Re-Id and other related research.
  • The images are captured in a real-world unconstrained surveillance scene and labeled with varied attributes, e.g. BBoxes, types, colors, and brands. So complicated models can be learnt and evaluated for vehicle Re-Id.
  • Each vehicle is captured by 2 ∼ 18 cameras in different viewpoints, illuminations, resolutions, and occlusions, which provides high recurrence rate for vehicle Re-Id in practical surveillance environment.
  • It is also labeled with sufficient license plates and spatiotemporal information, such as the BBoxes of plates, plate strings, the timestamps of vehicles, and the distances between neighbouring cameras.

    Image  Image

2. Download

To encourage related research, we will provide the dataset according to your request. Please email your full name and affiliation to the contact person (xinchenliu at bupt dot edu dot cn). We ask for your information only to make sure the dataset is used for non-commercial purposes. We will not give it to any third party or publish it publicly anywhere.

3. Citation

If you use the dataset, please kindly cite the following paper:

  • Xinchen Liu, Wu Liu, Huadong Ma, Huiyuan Fu: Large-scale vehicle re-identification in urban surveillance videos. ICME 2016: 1-6 (Best Student Paper Award, Citation=75)
  • Xinchen Liu, Wu Liu, Tao Mei, Huadong Ma: A Deep Learning-Based Approach to Progressive Vehicle Re-identification for Urban Surveillance. ECCV (2) 2016: 869-884 (Citation=56)
  • Xinchen Liu, Wu Liu, Tao Mei, Huadong Ma: PROVID: Progressive and Multimodal Vehicle Reidentification for Large-Scale Urban Surveillance. IEEE Trans. Multimedia 20(3): 645-658 (2018) (Citation=26)

4. Example codes

Here we give an example code for vehicle search evaluation.

In this code, we should first get the distance matrix of all query images and test images. As in the example code, we have three distance matrixes obtained with SIFT-BOW, CN-BOW, CNN features seperately. Then these matrixes are summed with different weights to obtain the final "dist" matrix.

Then we read the ground truth and junk image index (the test images that have the same camera ID with the query image, they are not considered when computing the AP) from the gt_image.txt and jk_image.txt.

After that, for each query, we rank the distance to each test image and compute the Average Presicion using the compute_AP function. At last, we can obtain the mAP, HIT@1, HIT@5, and the CMC curves.

The model and distance files can be downloaded from BaiduPan and GoogleDrive.

5. State-of-the-art Results on the VeRi Dataset

Reference Year mAP Rank-1 Rank-5
[1] 2016 19.92 59.65 75.27
[2] 2016 27.77 61.44 78.78
[3] 2017 58.27 83.49 90.04
[4] 2017 57.4 86.59 92.85
[5] 2017 51.42 - -
[6] 2017 33.78 60.19 77.4
[7] 2017 60.47 85.52 95.11
[8] 2018 53.42 81.56 95.11
[9] 2018 59.47 96.24 98.97
[10] 2018 61.5 88.6 94
[11] 2018 53.53 82.9 91.6
[12] 2018 61.32 85.92 91.84
[13] 2018 53.45 83.49 92.55
[14] 2018 61.11 89.27 94.76
[15] 2018 53.35 82.06 92.31
[16] 2018 49.3 88.56 -
[17] 2018 64.78 88.62 94.52
[18] 2018 25.12 60.83 78.55
[19] 2018 60.49 77.33 88.27
[20] 2019 62.62 90.58 97.14
[21] 2019 57.44 84.39 94.05
[22] 2019 67.55 90.23 96.42
[23] 2019 61.83 88.5 94.46


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