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Description of the payload.
Addtional notes, sources, links, etc.
Author of the module.
# framework import to access shellcode generation
from modules.common import shellcode
# framework import to access common helper methods, including randomization
from modules.common import helpers
# framework import to access encryption and source code obfuscation methods
from modules.common import encryption
# the main config file
import settings
# Main class must be titled "Payload"
class Payload:
def __init__(self):
# required options
self.description = "description"
self.language = "python/cs/powershell/whatever"
self.rating = "Poor/Normal/Good/Excellent"
self.extension = "py/cs/c/etc."
self.shellcode = shellcode.Shellcode()
# options we require user ineraction for- format is {OPTION : [Value, Description]]}
# the code logic will parse any of these out and require the user to input a value for them
self.required_options = {
"COMPILE_TO_EXE" : ["Y", "Compile to an executable"],
"USE_PYHERION" : ["N", "Use the pyherion encrypter"]
# an option note to be displayed to the user after payload generation
# i.e. additional compile notes, or usage warnings
self.notes = "...additional notes to user..."
# main method that returns the generated payload code
def generate(self):
# Generate Shellcode Using msfvenom
Shellcode = self.shellcode.generate(self.required_options)
# build our your payload sourcecode
PayloadCode = "..."
# add in a randomized string
PayloadCode += helpers.randomString()
# example of how to check the internal options
if self.required_options["USE_PYHERION"][0].lower() == "y":
PayloadCode = encryption.pyherion(PayloadCode)
# return everything
return PayloadCode
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