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Language support for the Rust Language

NOTE: This has not been updated since rust v0.13. See for current intellij plugin efforts.



If you want to live on the bleeding edge (or help out!) you will need:

  • Intellij 13.1.5
  • Gradle


  • Add a file to the root directory of the project, with the following properties

    • libraries_intellij : the root directory of your intelliJ installation
    • rust_source : the root directory of the rust project (required to run tests)

    For example

  • Run gradle grammar to generate the grammar and lexer.

  • Run gradle runIdea or gradle debugIdea to start the plugin. Please note that $JAVA_HOME has to be set and point to a valid jdk otherwise idea will be unable to find tools.jar.


We use the following IntelliJ plugins to develop this plugin:

  • Plugin Devkit
  • Grammar-Kit
  • JFlex Support
  • Gradle plugin