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Intellij Rust language plugin
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Add new Config dialog and allow setting cargo path
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idea-rust Build Status

Language support for the Rust Language

PLEASE NOTE: This does not yet do any auto completion. It is JUST the lexer and highlighting for .rs files.

The rest is coming soon!

Plugin page



If you want to live on the bleeding edge (or help out!) you will need:

  • Intellij 13.1.5
  • Gradle


  • Add a file to the root directory of the project, with the following properties

    • libraries_intellij : the root directory of your intelliJ installation
    • rust_source : the root directory of the rust project (required to run tests)

    For example

  • Run gradle grammar to generate the grammar and lexer.
  • Run gradle runIdea or gradle debugIdea to start the plugin. Please note that $JAVA_HOME has to be set and point to a valid jdk otherwise idea will be unable to find tools.jar.


We use the following IntelliJ plugins to develop this plugin:

  • Plugin Devkit
  • Grammar-Kit
  • JFlex Support
  • Gradle plugin
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