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Need some automatically generated inspiration on your Magic Mirror?
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Demo1 Need to get a bit more inspired in the morning? Well then this probably isn't the module for you. However, if you want to have a quick laugh at a machine trying to emulate the structure of an inspirational quote? Now we're getting somewhere.

MMM-Inspirational-Quotes uses InspiroBot for the backend generation. Be careful, it you visit that website, you may never stop clicking generate.


Navigate to the modules folder of your Magic Mirror installation.

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone the repository.

git clone


  modules: [
      module: "MMM-Inspirational-Quotes",
      position: "top_left",
      config: {
        update_interval: 5000 // How often to switch the quote in milliseconds. By default, this is 0 meaning never change
        transition_interval: 2000 // The transition time between one image and the next
        size: "500px" // The size of the image


Option Description
update_interval The number of milliseconds between changing the quote. If this is not set, the quote will never change.
Expected Value Type: Integer
transition_interval The number of milliseconds it takes for the transition between one image and another the happen.
Expected Value Type: Integer
size The size of the image.
Expected Value Type: String (Valid css value)

Integration with other modules

Any module can send a notification to NEXT_QUOTE.

Ok, here's one more example. demo2

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