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I'm having an issue:

  1. Search issues, maybe your issue is already solved
  2. Before submitting an issue make sure it's only related to ostrio-analytics package
  3. If your issue is not solved:
    • Give an expressive description of what is went wrong
    • Version of ostrio-analytics you're experiencing this issue
    • Version of Meteor/NPM/Browser/OS (Mac/Win/Linux) you're experiencing this issue
    • Post text or screenshot with errors from Browser's console

I had an issue and I've solved it on my own:

  • Provide a description of steps that you've followed to solve the problem
  • Provide links to websites and/or pages with the information that helped you (if there are any)

I have a suggestion:

  1. PRs are always welcome - send a PR
  2. If you're can not send a PR:
    • Create a new issue ticket
    • Describe your feature / request
    • How you going to use it? Give a usage example(s)

Documentation is missing something or incorrect (have typos, etc.):

  1. PRs are always welcome - send a PR
  2. If you're can not send a PR to docs:
    • Create a new issue ticket
    • Give an expressive description what you have changed/added and why
    • Make sure you're using correct markdown markup
    • Make sure all code blocks starts with triple ``` (backtick) and have a syntax tag, for more read this docs
    • Post addition/changes in a issue ticket, we will manage it
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