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An AFF4 C++ implementation.
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scudette Large refactor (#86)
* Large refactor of API

- Removed AFF4FactoryOpen and cache based resolving.
- Removed automatic class registry - it was too complicated and hard
  to track.
- API is now more typical c++ RAII based. It means callers need to be
  careful about the order of destruction but this is typical of C++.
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AFF4 -The Advanced Forensics File Format

The Advanced Forensics File Format 4 (AFF4) is an open source format used for the storage of digital evidence and data.

The standard is currently maintained here:

Reference Images are found:

This project implementats a C/C++ library for creating, reading and manipulating AFF4 images. The project also includes the canonical aff4imager binary which provides a general purpose standalone imaging tool.

The library and binary are known to work on Linux (all versions since Ubuntu 10.04), Windows (All versions) and OSX (All known versions).

What is currently supported.

Currently this library supports most of the features described in the standard

  1. Reading and Writing ZipFile style volumes

    a. Supports splitting of output volumes into volume groups (e.g. splitting at 1GB volumes).

  2. Reading ahd Writing Directory style volumes.

  3. Reading and Writing AFF4 Image streams using the deflate or snappy compressor.

  4. Reading RDF metadata using Turtle.

  5. Multi-threaded imaging for efficient utilization on multi core systems.

What is not yet supported.

This implementation currently does not implement Section 6. Hashing of the standard. This includes verifying or generating linear or block hashes.


Copyright 2015-2017 Google Inc. Copyright 2018-present Velocidex Innovations.


[1] "Extending the advanced forensic format to accommodate multiple data sources, logical evidence, arbitrary information and forensic workflow" M.I. Cohen, Simson Garfinkel and Bradley Schatz, digital investigation 6 (2009) S57–S68.

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