@scudette scudette released this Feb 20, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

This is the next release of Velociraptor.

This release brings many improvements to scalability and efficiency. The main features are:

  • Velociraptor can now use self signed SSL for all connections (gRPC, client/server and GUI).
  • Velociraptor can now dump process memory using the proc_dump() VQL plugin.
  • Implemented exported files which are included in artifacts verbatim.
  • Added the ability to set artifact parameters in GUI.
  • Velociraptor can now collect dns query logs on the end point and stream to the server.
  • Client side throttling allows heavy collections on the endpoint with minimal performance impact.
  • Flow completion notifications allow VQL queries to track completed flows.
  • Python bindings added.
  • Console added for command line completion of VQL queries.
  • VBA macro extractor can dump VBA macros from office documents.
  • A fifo() VQL plugin allows to write artifacts with time detection (e.g. detect a successful login after 3 failed ones).
  • Prometheus metrics
  • Authenticode support.
  • All connections now use TLS - gRPC API is always using TLS now.
  • Updated license to AGPLv3.
  • Window and macOS binaries are now signed.
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