Magento 2 Checkout only setup, for usage with Vue Storefront
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Magento 2 Checkout Only

A module that enables you to limit frontend access to only the Magento checkout. Usefull, for example, in a PWA setup that uses PWA for catalog viewing and Magento 2 for the checkout purposes.

Disclaimer: This module isn't battletested yet, use with caution

Example use case: Vue storefront

When using the default Magento 2 checkout, in combination with a Vue Storefront frontend. The user is redirected from vue storefront to the Magento 2 cart or checkout. With this setup it makes sense to block all traffic to the other Magento 2 page types, like homepage, category page and product page.

External checkout for Vue Storefront


Magento 2 checkout only settings

Installation guide, for usage with Vue storefront

  1. Setup Vue Storefront on
  2. Setup Magento 2 on
  3. Install the Vue Storefront external checkout
  4. Install the Magento external checkout for Vue Storefront
  5. Install the Magento 2 checkout only module:
composer require vendic/magento2-checkoutonly