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Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Daniele Veneroni. Released under MIT License.

CassiaJS is a JavaScript library to encrypt/decrypt text with various cryptographic algoritms.

To import the library, use this code between the head tags on your page:

<script src="cassia.min.js"></script>

The library is called by using CassiaJS followed by the cipher name and the methods encrypt/decrypt.


Substitution Ciphers

Generic Substitution Cipher:

// alfa is the original set of chars that can be encrypted, i.e. alfa = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
// beta is the new set of chars, i.e. beta = "DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
// with the alfa and beta of this example, A = D, b = e, etc.
var encrypted = CassiaJS.substitution.encrypt("Message", alfa, beta); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.substitution.decrypt("Message", alfa, beta);

Additive Cipher:

// shift must be a number, i.e. shift = 5
var encrypted = CassiaJS.additive.encrypt("Message", shift); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.additive.decrypt("Message", shift);

Albam Cipher:

var encrypted = CassiaJS.albam.encrypt("Message");
var decrypted = CassiaJS.albam.decrypt("Message");

Alfabeto Carbonaro:

var encrypted = CassiaJS.carbonaro.encrypt("Message");
var decrypted = CassiaJS.carbonaro.decrypt("Message");


var encrypted = CassiaJS.atbash.encrypt("Message");
var decrypted = CassiaJS.atbash.decrypt("Message");

Cesare Cipher (Caesar Cipher):

var encrypted = CassiaJS.cesare.encrypt("Message");
var decrypted = CassiaJS.cesare.decrypt("Message");


var encrypted = CassiaJS.pizzini.encrypt("Message"); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.pizzini.decrypt("Message");

Polibio Cipher:

var encrypted = CassiaJS.polibio.encrypt("Message"); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.polibio.decrypt("Message");


var encrypted = CassiaJS.rot13.encrypt("Message"); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.rot13.decrypt("Message");

T9 (only encrypt):

var encrypted = CassiaJS.t9.encrypt("Message");

Pollux Cipher:

// chpoint, chline, chpuls are three string variables that contains the characters for point, line and plus symbols.
// i.e. chpoint = "ADGJMPSVYcfilorux"
// i.e. chlint = "BEHKNQTWZadgjmpsvy"
// i.e. chplus = "CFILORUXbehknqtwz"
var encrypted = CassiaJS.pollux.encrypt("Message", chpoint, chline, chplus); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.pollux.decrypt("Message", chpoint, chline, chplus);

Polyalphabetic Ciphers

One-Time Pad (Vernam Cipher):

var encrypted = CassiaJS.onetimepad.encrypt("Message", "key"); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.onetimepad.decrypt("Message", "key");

VIC Cipher:

// key is a string variable that must containt only numeric characters, i.e. key = "1234567890"
var encrypted = CassiaJS.vic.encrypt("Message", key); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.vic.decrypt("Message", key);

Not really ciphers

Base64 Encode:

var encrypted = CassiaJS.base64.encrypt("Message");
var decrypted = CassiaJS.base64.decrypt("Message");

Binary Encode:

var encrypted = CassiaJS.binary.encrypt("Message");
var decrypted = CassiaJS.binary.decrypt("Message");

Leet (only encrypt):

var baseencrypted = CassiaJS.leet.encrypt("Message", "base");
var advancedencrypted = CassiaJS.leet.encrypt("Message", "advanced");

Morse Code:

// separator must be a character, i.e. separator = " " or separator = "+"
var encrypted = CassiaJS.morse.encrypt("Message", separator); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.morse.decrypt("Message", separator);


Random Break:

// reversing is a boolean value, if set to true, the message will be reverted, otherwise it will not be reverted
var encryptedWithReversing = CassiaJS.randombreak.encrypt("Message", true); 
var decryptedFromReversing = CassiaJS.randombreak.decrypt("Message", true);
var encryptedWithoutReversing = CassiaJS.randombreak.encrypt("Message", false); 
var decryptedWithoutReversing = CassiaJS.randombreak.decrypt("Message", false);

Transposition Cipher:

// cols is the number of columns. Must be > 1 and < text length. 
var encrypted = CassiaJS.transposition.encrypt("Message", cols); 
var decrypted = CassiaJS.transposition.decrypt("Message", cols);

Key Generation

Reading Key:

var key = CassiaJS.reading.generate(level);


var key = CassiaJS.fibonacci.generate(level, separator);

Serie 3n+1

var key = CassiaJS.serie3n1.generate(input, separator);

Random Key

// charset is a string containing the chars that can be used to generate the key
var key = CassiaJS.randomkey.generate(length, charset);