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PhoneGap Build App Template

Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Daniele Veneroni. Released under MIT License.

PhoneGap Build App Template is a template (a ready-to-use project) to create web app and it's formatted to be easly wrapped on a stand-alone application using PhoneGap Build to build app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

You can easly replace or modify the resources of the project to create your own app.

Project Structure:


Your main page, that's the first page that the app will show when loaded.


Open Web App manifest, useful if you wish to create a web app for Firefox or Firefox OS.


App cache manifest, useful to declare what resources can be cached and what resources must always reload. It can be used to create an offline web app, or a web Firefox OS app.


The configurations file. See Using config.xml to learn how to personalize yours. It's already formatted with the most common settings.

icon.png, splash.png

The essential icon and splash screen. These are used only if the the app runs on a device that don't support any of the provided icons or splash screens.

img/icons folder

Contains all formats of icons required for the various operative systems.

img/splash folder

Contains all formats of splash screens required for the various operative systems.

js/lib folder

Contains all the libraries, frameworks, CSS and images needed to the app. Provided frameworks:

  • jQuery 2.0.3 - latest version of the classic utility library
  • add2home 2.0.7 - it makes appear a message to allow the user to create a web app container on iOS from the browser version
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