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LibXtract example for openFrameworks

Spectral centroid and MFCCs giving output - requires checking

testApp version was with OF0.7.x and new ofApp version tested with OF0.8.x

to compile -

  1. grab LibXtract from Github add the entire LibXtract/src to the project

  2. take an empty example - throw out the testApp.h and .cpp files from the src folder and replace with the files here: testApp.h/cpp libXtract.h and cpp

It should be that simple

But results are not verified. 18/12/13

  1. error: libxtract.h not found: add header file link to


by going into build settings, scroll down to header search path and make this recursive

as example, mine is "/Users/andrewrobertson/GitHub/LibXtract"

The example will show a spectral centroid moving. Very simple, but you can then get into libXtract and do your own features, MFCCs, Kurtosis etc

tested with wavetable