Demo Project using the Lightweight Render Pipeline from Unity3D
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Boat Attack

Demo Project using the Lightweight Render Pipeline from Unity3D

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This Unity project has been created to aid the testing and development of LWRP. The project is a small vertical slice of a boat racing game, complete with raceable boats and island environment.

Project Features:

  • Uses LWRP(Lightweight Render Pipeline) from Unity
  • Mobile optimized, low poly, LODs, no compute
  • C# Jobs buoyancy system
  • Cinemachine camera setups
  • Shadergraph usage
  • Custom LWRP pass injection for water and planar reflections
  • Gestner based water system
  • Much more..

Youtube Video


Currently this is a full project so you should jsut need to clone* down and open in Unity, if you stick to the master branch it should always work with the latest publicly available Unity and assorted packages.

Feel free to post any issues, but know this is a 'as is' repo, it's meant more for discovery of how some of the LWRP features work and a learning resource for some tricks. Also it's used for checking new features and stablility for in development branches of LWRP.


Andre McGrail - Design, Programming, Modeling, Texturing, Sound

Alex Best - Modeling, Texturing

Stintah - Soundtrack

Special thanks to:

Felipe Lira - Making LWRP :)

Tim Cooper - Assorted SRP code help


*Make sure you clone the repo as downloading the zip will not contain the LFS files(all textures/meshes etc)