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  • Removed Bower - NOUVEAU will no longer include external dependencies by default.
  • Packages now managed with NPM + Composer.
  • Added Monolog, PhpDoc, and Codeception support.
  • Removed stock PhpUnit since NOUVEAU now supports Codeception - which is much more robust and easy to set up.
  • Refactored PHP to follow PSR-2 coding standards instead of WordPress outdated standards.
  • Refactored namespaces for sanity and code hygiene.
  • Divided assets into assets/src and assets/dist directories.
  • Updated to Gulp 4, with all it's spiffy new chaining features.
  • Added Babel, image optimization, etc to the gulp build process.
  • Added POT file generation (i18n) to gulp build process
  • Switched all instances of <?php echo to php 5.4+ default shorthand output syntax <?=
  • Removed extraneous semicolons before closing php tags (this is the new NOUVEAU convention)
  • Consolidated Paths and Urls into a single streamlined Locations class (which also helps IDEs with code hinting).
  • All templates can now be found in the templates/ directory.
  • Updated Foundation to 6.5
  • Uses Foundation XY grid by default and minimal components (see assets/src/scss/app.scss for the default config).
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  • Renamed the theme framework's core class from NV to Core
  • Removed the Core::get_path(), Core::get_url(), and Core::get_property() methods in favor of unobfuscated property access.
  • Completely removed the unused RequirementsCheck class.
  • Removed constant references from comment templates.
  • Simplified NV namespace/folder structure.
  • The _docs directory is no longer included in the distribution, but you can still use PhpDoc to generate your own.
  • IDE-centric Improvement: Moved theme Paths and Urls into their own classes to clean up Core and improve code hinting in IDEs.
  • IDE-centric Improvement: js files are now all kept in a single directory since IntelliJ/PhpStorm now aggregates them automatically (woohoo!)
  • Removed codekit configs. CodeKit is easy enough to set up on your own, so it's unneccessary baggage in the distro.
  • Moved changelog to it's own file
  • Updated Foundation to 6.3.1
  • Updated jQuery to 3.1.1
  • Updated Motion UI to 1.2.2
  • Updated WhatInput to 4.1.1
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  • Updated Foundation to 6.2.4
  • Created more obvious separation of minified and source JS
  • Converted all array literals to shorthand syntax
  • Minor tweaks & documentation improvements
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  • Updated Zurb Foundation to 6.2.3
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  • Added Gulp support (although if you're not using CodeKit, you really are doing it wrong).

To use Gulp with NOUVEAU, switch to your theme's directory in your CLI and run npm install, then npm start

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  • Updated to Foundation for Sites 6.2.1
  • Fixed directory capitalization (case sensitive)
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  • Fixed an error due to an invalid callback
  • Updated Foundation _settings.scss
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  • Adjusted method names for a consistent coding standard: classes are CamelCase with no underscores, methods are lowercase with underscores encouraged.
  • Tweaks & improvements to MarkupGenerator.
  • Added a couple unit tests for MarkupGenerator.
  • Added phpdocs for the core NOUVEAU library; located in the theme's _docs folder.
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  • Updated NOUVEAU to use Zurb Foundation for Sites 6.2!
  • NOUVEAU now uses PSR-4 class autoloading. No more manual requires!
  • The main NV class is now accessed through a singleton: NV::i()
  • Global constants were removed and replaced with class properties. E.g. NV::i()->paths-theme or NV::i()->getPath('theme')
  • Applied WordPress coding standards to core NOUVEAU library.
  • Created placeholder unit test scaffolding.
  • Note: Some Foundation-oriented theme functions like Theme::archive_nav() still need to be re-implemented.
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  • Updated to Foundation for Sites 6 by Zurb.
  • Added a placeholder /NV/Themes::archive_nav() class.